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Help! - tube complement advice - SFS 40
I've found the stock EL34/6922 complement makes the amp sound much nicer and sweeter than 6550's, which provide more power but don't sound as balanced and sweet. 
Wadia X-32
I used to own one of these until a year ago. The X-32 went through a couple of iterations (the way to tell is if the flush mount buttons are square vs. round). When Wadia was still in existence, I talked to a technical support person about my unit... 
Linn Majik-Vanderteen 1c match-up?
I have the following Linn system in my home office room - Linn Majik, Linn LK140 amp, Linn Tukans in active configuration with Linn speaker cables. I use a Myryad CD Player with the system. The system is awesome sounding with all the harmonic rich...