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Apple Music vs Tidal for SQ
Qobuz for sure after trying Tidal, as long as you have a decent streamer and DAC it is very good.  
New! Cerious Technologies Lumniscate cables
@lancelock - I understand the whole loom concept but have you been able to swap out different cables to get a feel for which ones have the most significant impact on the sound of your system?  
Most underrated female recording artists..
One that I just started listening to but has been around for a while is Katie Melua, check out her Acoustic Album No. 8. It sounds amazing streaming in hi res.  
Neotech cables
I made my own speaker cables using Neotech wire and top of the line Furutech banana plugs.  They sound excellent but really don't have a lot of experience with other speaker cables to compare it to.  
How do you think about Qobuz store?
Thanks, the one file in particular I downloaded prior to buying the Marantz SA10 and had no problem if I remember correctly playing it on my Oppo 103.  It went from my Oppo thru HDMI to my Krell Foundation with no issues.  Once I bought the SA10 t... 
How do you think about Qobuz store?
A question for anyone that has downloaded a Hi Res album from Qobuz, do you have any issues playing it from a usb thumb drive?  I recently purchased a Marantz SA10 and tried to play it from the usb thumb drive and was unable to play the Qobuz down... 
If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?
Roy Orbison and Friends, 1987.  The night Black and White was recorded