Responses from 7671

Power Line Conditioners
Plug all your source components minus amps into the Panamax. Experiment. Do the amps sound better in the wall or in the Panamax? May have to install more outlets for the 4 amps. 
Power Line Conditioners
I have a Panamax 1000. Just Recently bought a used Bybee Signature. 4 digital and 4 analog outlets.Still burning it in. The Panamax worked great. Don't put your amp through it. It limits dynamics!!The music sounds better when the amp is in the wal... 
JPS Labs versus Audio Quest (Megasam?)
JPS is only comparable to the BEST cables at any price!! Can't go wrong. Extremely neutral. Rave reviews in all magazines. It is a reference cable to which other's are compared 
PowerSnake Owners Unite!
Will keep my Electraglide references and Fat boy!! They do magic and took the world by surprise in 1997 as Shunyata is in 2000.Electraglide is a bargain in the used market. You can purchase a used FatBoy for the price of a Black Mamba.Many reviews... 
JPS or Miller Sound is the best for the money. I use them on my Martin-Logan's SL3's. NONE BETTER except maybe Electraglide!! 
Speaker Cable & Power Cord advice?
JPS Power Ac Cord or Electraglide Fat Boy. Buy them used and save lots of money!!!! 
Martin Logan SL3
What type of noise? Could it be hum from your amp? Has it always done this? Steve 
Any one heard Electraglide standard AC?
Not bright at all!! Very smooth, detailed, and great imaging. Had two of them in my system. Upgraded to the reference. The electraglide has had rave reviews and blew away ALL other power cords including the Essence from 1997 through this year. Sti... 
Interconnect upgrade
JPS superconductor or MillerSound which is the same but cheaper. 
Polarity question
Red is positive and matches with the plus symbol. Negative or a - sign is matched with any other color. 
Which is the best cable for Martin-Logan?
The best is JPS or Miller Sound. I have used Monster Sigma. Got rid of them after Miller Sound which is a cheaper version of JPS. No cable better to my ears unless you get into thousands of dollars for exotic cables.