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Audio Research VT100 tube replacement
I doubt a VT100 would still be under warrenty? 
Great Organists in Rock
Richard Wright for Pink Floyd was the first keyboardist that came to mind - I dont know what type he played, but as far as contributing to a bands sound, I cant think of any other bands where the keyboards worked so well and didn't make it sound l... 
Power Cord for Power Conditioner
"A removable power cord simply makes components easier to package and install."It also makes it allot easier to ship worldwide to places that use a different style plug in the wall - or else each unit would need to be constructed for the specific ... 
Some girls Deluxe
I didn't buy it yet, but I did see it advertised on prime time TV, which I thought was very interesting and almost nestalgic to see an ad for physical media music on the tube. I don't recall seeing any other music ads on TV for 20 years or maybe 3... 
New Krell preamp
So, what amp is supposed to go with it? I don't see a Phantom amp yet? And what is "entry level" price range?Sounds interesting with optional built-in cross-overs too? 
Are all Linn products made in Scotland?
I think the subject is interesting. I wish someone would make a database of where every component is made. And i like to sort out the manufactures from the marketers!! aND i like to sort out the inovators from the "me-toos". :) 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
Hey Slappy, I have seen pleanty of MTV CRIBS for rock/rap/music stars that have killer in home recording studios, with PRO audio gear that us mortals can't even buy - so no need for dinky tweeky high end audio! 
Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps
I've gone the other way before with a Krell preamp into audio research VS series amps and it was an outstanding combo on all music and one of the best I have had for hard rock music. 
Ever tried putting a cap inline with RCA for XOVER
^^ note really. What makes you deaf are the short peaks near 120dB. If you keep the mean at 90 or so and compress the peaks, you shouldn't have any problems with ear ringing even after long term listinging. 
Does your amp/preamp/int amp have to look good?
YES, looks are 100% important. I really like the industrial rack handle look and rack handles are very usefull too. I was really bummed when the designs went away from this trend and towards a more "living room friendly" look, and now allot of exp... 
Biggest impact on you?
From what I have, or do, own.Audio Research tube amps and preamps.(some other brands are good too, but this was my first exposure to REAL GOOD SOUNDING tube gear. not just so-so stuff like reworked ST70s :)Soundlab Speakers. - can't say enough - u... 
Best Rock Drummers
Really, you can't rip off a drum solo "note for note", because drums don't really have "notes" - lolololo roflao!! 
Why does Cary Audio keep discontinuing good amps?
"I understand planned obsolescence, but look at companies like Audio Research."Arn't they the "leader of the pack" for this kind of thing?I mean, how many preamp models have they done in the last 25 years, AND is there a point where they could hav... 
Favorite poorly-recorded albums
The second half of Nirvana's "Bleach" was horiable sound quality, but some of the best ever grunge! 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
Hi Inna, I hope my post did not knock rich people - I am far from a "march on wall St" type. I only knock stereo gear that cost more than a modest priced house, because over that last decade prices have gone way up and sound quality has gone way d...