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Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
Phil, is there a way to identify which version of the super tweeter is in my Def3's?It tends to get bright to me especially at louder volumes. Do you think a cap upgrade would help with this? Thanks, scott 
What is the minimum distant for Zu?
New house dedicated room, 28 by 17.8 and 8 ft ceilings. I had them about 4 ft of wall behind speakers and about 13ft apart I thought the wider the better however I went and visited a shop in Memphis to have my turn table set up and he was listenin... 
Best 845 amp?
I have not but I will , thank you 
Zu versus Zu?
No it doesnt, thanks 
Best 845 amp?
Phil, Is the Audion still your favorite amp with the Zu speakers? Scott 
Is a tube phono better than ss?
I have a juicy music tercel, it sounds very good and not much tube noise if any. I just need to listen more and think less about all the what if's:)thanks, Scott 
How to set dip switches in juicy music tercel?
Thank you so much for the info!!!, could you elaborate on what the pf's do to the sound? Scott 
How to set dip switches in juicy music tercel?
Ok I was able to get some info but need a question answered if anyone knows. There are 8 switches only 6 used number 1 has a value of 39 k ohms, number 2 is 47k ohms, number 3 is 68k ohms, number 4 is 5 of and 5 is 15 of and lastly 6 is 33 pf.I wi... 
How to set dip switches in juicy music tercel?
Maybe someone has a manual for the tercel? I would be glad to pay for a copy 
How to set dip switches in juicy music tercel?
sorry ho mc cartridge, ideal db is 52 
upscale audio is this legal?
This will be the last I say about this. My friend the original owner told me he looked for the dent but couldn't see it. I'm not trying to mislead anyone here Kevin wants to Also leave out the receipt says the amp has the upgraded oil caps he says... 
How is a stores inventory logged and accounted for
Upscale must not use this 
what would you do?
upscale audio, cary v12i 
integrated for zu definition 3
Thats true,the amp does have that in the room sound. however I just wanted more of that.after moving my speakers closer to the front wall and reading your post about listening to loud, which I think I have been, I might be happy with this amp for ... 
integrated for zu definition 3
what about the art audio carrisa, with the attenuator? does that allow you to not have a preamp?