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Tone controls -- assuming you're ok with them, when would you try them?
When an audio designer is deciding on what turnover frequency will be the most likely effective to the most systems, it is a gamble. Say for example a bass tone control. Ok, where will the turnover frequency be set? I have seen them set as low as ... 
Power Conditioning on the Cheap
Brick Wall offers a couple of power conditioners/protection. I can’t say about the improvement in sound, because I am just using one for my computer. To my liking are the old BPT power isolation transformers, which were rated high over the need f... 
PS Audio PowerPlant 12 Review (AC Regenerator)
From the beginning of these units being manufactured, they have changed. I have owned 3 different models and wouldn't recommend 2 of them to anybody. Funny as it seems their first unit the P300 was the best by far of the bunch. With the beginning ... 
Cabinet resonance problem with Marantz MM9340 amplifier
Yes, Dyna-mat has good things going for unless you need to remove it. Wow. And somehow little bits of it end around the shop. Vinyl damping sheets are lighter and less messy. It doesn't get stuck to the blades of your shears.  
Damping Factor
Ok so tight equals high DF, punchy bass? Best control over a woofer cone? And maybe that is why class D amps sound as they do? I'm curious.  
Room Acoustics: Where to place the squares?
 For a while, I worked for the local college repairing some of their abused machinery. Usually the ticket would read "broke" or "doesn't work". What we have here is a lack of communication. One of my favorite movie lines.  
Is there any one piece of vintage gear you most wished you owned?
  Maybe, just maybe to own even one CD player that worked for more than 2 years, vintage or not!  
Chip amps, not spoken about much, except on the diy sites.
I may have purchased the last LM3875 chip amp kit from Peter Daniel who is likely still selling completed Patek chip amps. In this case, all wiring is about as short and simple as you can imagine. The power supply uses a 330VA transformer that see... 
Cabinet resonance problem with Marantz MM9340 amplifier
Resonance of cabinets or a chassis makes me shake my head. SO Many times, I have used a vinyl damping sheet to take care of the problem. I just put it on say the top cover of the component. I can use the word drastic here and not be exaggerating, ... 
Room Acoustics: Where to place the squares?
 Thanks Eric,    Good choices you have there. I want to be interested in them, but it ain't gonna happen. My question was aimed more toward what info the OP has about what he has chosen to use. We know nothing and can assume little.  
Room Acoustics: Where to place the squares?
I still want to know more about the squares, as in size, thickness, material used, and how many. Who makes them and what model would do.  
More on the Onzow Zerodust
 I admit, I was surprised to see such gunk on a cantilever. First thought was that the user didn't just 'dip' the stylus, but came into angle of contact with the cleaner surface that made with the stylus AND cantilever. In the case of a brush bein... 
Phono Stage Advice
Even at a much lower level, such as my present system, the phono stage is the component that I have to be careful about choosing. It wasn’t whether the unit was good or bad so to say, but how well it worked with the cartridge that I am using. Funn... 
Deceptive Connectors
guakus,   Way back in the day, I worked in an electronic shop and saw some good stuff, but mostly bad. Name brands too. The first circuit board that I said 'wow' at was in a Nakamichi CA-5 preamp. It was blue and the work was beautiful.  The fi... 
Deceptive Connectors
Brass is better than whatever snapped off the connector that I mentioned. I do like to try and use copper connectors though. The real trick is to find a connector that is telling the truth about itself, HA!  Since connectors are considered import...