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Do you spend more time analyzing the sound of your system, worrying it could be better?
I like to experiment. What that ends up meaning is that I heard unbelievably good music in my system. OTOH, while I was testing a new integrated amp that I built, oscillation occurred in the left channel. Crap, um yah, not the best sound that I ca... 
180g … It’s All Hype !
I never really considered this question until I started to get back into vinyl a year or so ago. Couple points made were: 1) Back in the day when it was ALL analog there were good and bad records. 2) Many reissues come from a digital source! Yik... 
2nd systems- who’s got one?
2: One in the living room, and one in the car.  
Welborne Labs Reveille MM / MC Phonostage: Need schematic, construction guide
Curiously, when I need such an item, eBay turns up something. It's tougher to find the older manuals, copies and such.  
A little update. A few days ago, I received the 6th edition of Robert Harleys' Audio book. The reason that I prefer it is that new subjects are brought to light because of the passage of time and the advancing technology. It also includes definiti... 
Is it me, or others?
In cases like this, I just say, "It's made out of metal." Wonder if he is looking for materials that are hazardous or batteries or what, I don't know. Right from the start, communication is on two different frequencies. Yes, pun intended.  
Acoustic treatment and acoustic mechanical control over gear upgrade for improvement
Just thinking about sound and how it behaves has been a lifelong fascination to me. Even today as I walk in the morning, sound is part of the observation.  Unfortunately, most of civilization is polluted to me in this way. It is better to walk in... 
Current Questions
Back in the late 70’s I read a review on a power amp made by (I forget) stating that the amp was capable of 35 amps of power per channel. This sort of talk lasted for a bit longer and constant current, power envelope, and other sorts of talk too. ... 
Current Questions
Before I continue, let me say that holmz gets it, i.e. in reference to my post. No BS, no put down or what is too commonly seen on this site, so thanks for that. Better that we can explain our writings to each such as is being done here.     Now... 
Current Questions
falconquest,  After skimming through these many posts about a simple question, your answer has the best potential to answer the basic question asked by someone admits right up front that this isn't exactly his line of expertise. Thanks for that. ... 
How can I tell if I am overdriving the amp or the speakers?
There are quite a few factors in each system, starting with maybe power to the home, room resonance problems, equipment not meant to play well with certain other equipment, and yes even yourself.   In my system/room setup, I can hear the system d... 
What about the floor?
I have a wood floor in my listening room. I got a 4 X 6 oriental carpet and put a non-slip pad underneath. It is a lot easier to change your mind when you have a bare floor to start with.   
Electric cars will ruin late night listening?
nonoise,   I hear that killer whale is the way to go. You know, like putting a tiger in your tank, only it's a killer whale.  
Western Electric surveying market for (domestic?) mfg. of other tube types?
Back to the good old days. Anyone hear from GE? 😁  
TT speed
It bears repeating. This was very cool discussion to me. It begs the observation of even daily life. We see what we see, but do we?     Thanks so much for keeping civil a topic that was entertaining and informative.      Cheers, Greg >>&...