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The "most foolish" loudspeaker tweak/upgrade ... is
The "most foolish" upgrade or audio expenditure is the one that you personally can't hear...emphasis on you personally.  
Crown XLS 2500 - the best amp value per dollar?
@boomzilla , BINGO! 
Crown XLS 2500 - the best amp value per dollar?
So just over a year and a half since I started this thread. Cracks me up reading my personal evolution over that time. @bombaywalla - you are so right. I almost sold the XLS 2500 but had put it away in a closet instead. I just pulled it out and co... 
Would you sell to someone with no feedback?
There are "buyer protection" policies vs "seller protection" policies. Any seller who does not become an expert in the details of PayPal seller protection policies is rolling the dice with every sale. One misstep such as not getting delivery confi... 
Schiit Yggdrasil Upgrades
@audioman58 Those "red" WIMA  caps are generally considered to be fine caps Polypropylene caps . Your last post is now causing me to question your first post.  With all due respect, of course. 
Schiit Yggdrasil Upgrades
Your saying that the coming upgrade is not a software upgrade but a new hardware release? Wouldn’t that be a completely new DAC model since one of the promises of the Yggdrasil is that it is future upgradable? I don’t think it is right to make a c... 
Anything to compete with Sony UHP-H1 ?
Right now I am mainly interested in it as a bridge streamer for my audio files, not picture quality. It has both WIFI and Ethernet connectivity. I would use the digital out to connect into my DAC. This unit is also DNLA compliant so can use any DN... 
Is it a problem to have a DAC feeding a DAC?
Oops, I meant to say a Toslink out that puts out a Digital signal into your Hagel. The CC Audio has it's own DAC that you can bypass with digital out. 
Is it a problem to have a DAC feeding a DAC?
If you are not set on Bluetooth I would recommend you spend a whooping $25 for a Chromecast Audio puck. Almost anything that can stream Bluetooth can now stream to a CC Audio puck with a downloaded app. You can buy an output RCA cable for it that ... 
Thoughts on the Auralic Altair?
Thanks for that link. It did answer my main question about whether one needs an IOS device for Lighting DS to setup and config Altair. 
Thoughts on the Auralic Altair?
No one? 
Thoughts on the Auralic Altair?
Can you confirm that to configure Altair the user must use Lighting DS which is only compatible with an Apple IOS device. Or is there some other option for non-Apple users.Also, how do you think the Altair will compare to the "coming latter this y... 
Has anyone NOT listened to their system for a long time?
Barring actual uncontrollable events or conflicts (theft, extended travel, legal seizure, prison, etc.) the amount of time that one chooses to spend listening to MUSIC is a direct reflection of one’s priorities. The question of “Why I don’t spend ... 
Should I buy a Class A Amp.
Use your own ears to decide. Lots of very well meaning members here who know a LOT about audio and they base their opinions on their ears but in the end it is about YOUR ears. I like to use the analogy of wine tasting and taste buds. A great wine ... 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
I like red wine but I tend to buy more moderately priced bottles because I can’t taste that much of a difference between mid-priced bottles ($10-$20) and higher priced bottles (+$25). There are bad low priced wines and bad high priced wines. But I...