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Whats playing on your system today?
ABBA. That's right, ABBA, I just cant get enough of ABBA...24x7. 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
Would you be willing to submit just a very small sample over to the guys at Audio Science Review forum for objective evaluations and blind listening tests? Once they confirm the sonic improvements your sales would really take off.  
Diana Krall
I am listening to an album titled "The Love I’m In" by Kate Reid. Kate Reid has a very similar style as Diana Krall but Kate is so much better at phrasing and emotion. If you like Diana you owe it to yourself to listen to this album by Kate Reid. ... 
Diana Krall
@jasmith, there is no correlation between being an audiophile and being a music-phile. It is a random correlation.Diana Krall, Harry Connick, Jr., Natalie Cole, Andrea Bocelli...etc, etc, etc. If you know what I mean you need no explanation. If yo... 
Whats in your second system?
@sevs 80+% sounds high.https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/ad_173236258.jpg?quality=80&strip=all&strip=all 
Whats in your second system?
It’s not how many different systems you have it is what you DO with the different systems you have.While I have more than one audio setup, I have just one system where the PRIMARY purpose is to sit and focus on listening to music. It is located in... 
Come on people....BASS!
This seems appropriate: 
Come on people....BASS!
Switching to solid state amp?
One could make a case to move from tubes to SS because they prefer the sound of a SS amp as that is a decision based on personal preference. One can also make a case that they don't want to pay for tube replacements. That is also valid with amps w... 
The Most Realistic Speaker Technology?
Funny how these zombie threads rise from the dead and come to life after ten years. From another thread that Leroy started two weeks after this thread in 2008 he asks " Hello everyone. I just bought a pair of Emerald Physics CS2 speakers, I know ... 
Not Enough Options for Auditioning Speakers
One thing I would strongly recommend is for you to get involved in a local audio club / group. I know there are a couple of options in the central FL area. Great way to experience other members' systems. Members tend to be very knowledgable with l... 
Best amp pairing with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?
@jrunr I would never recommend horizontal bi-amping for efficient / sensitive speakers because it wouldn’t make sense. But for difficult to drive speakers it can be the most cost effective way to go with outstanding results. That is my experience.... 
Best amp pairing with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?
"That sounds like a good idea,"Yes, it does because it works if done right."but in practice using 2 different amps horizontal is nothing short of a train wreck." My experience is just the opposite. You could elaborate on why your experience is dif... 
Best amp pairing with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?
Jrunr, in looking at the impedance graph measurements in the Stereophile review of your Arial 7B's it seems you are in a similar situation as I am with my Infinity Kappa 9's. Your speakers are not hard to drive on the top end but do present a chal... 
Wife trouble
Whenever I purchase any audio equipment over a grand, I give my wife an equivalent amount to do as she want. Keeps me very careful about what I buy and she now loves my audio passion.