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Kondo KSL speaker cable how do they sound?
i've used them (along with KSL silver i/cs & p/cs) in both tube & SS systems.tonal balance is pretty even with a slight emphasis in the mids. they hv a 65:35 ratio in terms of musical flow vs. structure. they're prob not as quiet, or hv as... 
Is my room doomed? Pic
Enzo618, yr lack of side walls will primarily result in the lack of LF energy. this tends to be the case with very "open" setups (you may want to consider getting subwoofers at later on to supplement yr Rockports). 1st you gotta sort out some fund... 
Wavac PR-T1 thoughts?
in my system, the PR-T1 sounded very much like a solid state preamp, a little on the dry side. bad synergy? or maybe just not my cup of tea?! 
Buidling a Classical Library - MUST HAVES!
i tend to collect *many* recordings of pieces i like, & don't generally care for "audiophile pressings/recordings" (i find the performances in many of these recordings to be rather dull / puts me to sleep). here are a couple i play in fairly h... 
Whats the most you paid?
Bach Cello Suites - Janos Starker [reissued LP]: usd110+shippingBeethoven Sym 5 - Wilhelm Furtwangler: BPO (1943 live) [reissued mono LP]: jpy11000+shippingBeethoven Sym 7 - Wilhelm Furtwangler: BPO (1943 live) [reissued mono LP]: jpy11000+shipping 
What's the farthest you've traveled for live music
flown 6000+ miles to watch a concert at Royal Festival Hall (London). done similar distance to watch an opera at Teatro Alla Scala (Milan).would like to attend the New Year's Day Concert at Musikverin (Vienna), but hv not been successful in tkt dr... 
Rockport Mira VS Verity Parsifal Ovation
Changster, my room's a little smaller than yours & opens up to a long corridor on 1-side. speakers are also setup along the long wall.IME, there are both advantages (less side wall reflection) & disadvantages (getting lower freq pressure &... 
Rockport Mira VS Verity Parsifal Ovation
Changster - congrats on the Aquila. excellent speakers imo.5.4m x 13m is indeed a fairly large room. is your room quite "open" (i.e. does it open up to hallways/corridors/etc.)? 
Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx vs. Coralstone
think i did come across that review a while time back... don't think there was any reference to the Blue Lace Onyx though (i believe it was some other blue stone Koetsu cartridge... Lapis or something?!). 
Rockport Mira VS Verity Parsifal Ovation
Madfloyd, i've not heard the Miras, but the Ankaa & Aquila (that i've heard) sound nothing like the way you've described them.