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 PMC Speakers
experience listening to the consumer-versions of PMC
 PMC FB1i's
I have a new pair of the PMC FB1i's and was just curious
How do you place them GB1 owners ? Distance between them and you and do you toe-in them or no...
Hi,Has anyone got any experience of this active speaker? If so I'd appreciate your views.Than...
 PMC speakers?
Hey Y'all,These speakers have recently been brought to my attention and I would like to hear ...
 About PMC speakers
Hi,Would you think that PMC twenty5.23 is an...upgrade from PMC OB1i and why?
 PMC vs. ATC
>The models i am interested in are as follows,PMC...I know the PMC is a transmission line ...
 Harbeth vs PMC
Any suggestions, experiences with Harbeth S-HL5 or PMC...wondering how Harbeth vented woofer ...
 thread for PMC owners
I'd love to hear from other PMC owners. ...brands/models did you audition before settling on PMC
 PMC FB1+ Speakers?
curious if anyone has had any experience with the the Gallo's and don't get much t...
 PMC AB2 monitors...
I am getting the impression PMC buyers are an isolated...Rarely do I see PMC AB2s for sale.
 PMC FB1 Speakers
Does anyone own a pair of these or any other PMC speakers
 PMC and what electronics ??
First off ,i do know that Bryston and PMC are mated
 Stands for PMC FB1+
I would like to get stands for my PMC FB1+ speakers...& problems:(1) Buy a pair of plinth...
 PMC OB1i feedback
Has anyone listened to the PMC OB1i ?
I currently have PMC Twenty5.26's but can get a good
 Thoughts On The PMC OB1?
Can owners or those who have experience with the PMC
 Dynaudio vs PMC???
be Tube or SS yet).All my research has pointed to PMC
 Does PMC sound boxy?...(Maggie, Magico & PMC comparison needed)
Hi folks, does PMC sound boxy?...I mean compared to Maggies, will PMC (only talking...stuff, ...
 PMC to Tri-Amp or Not
Just like to get forum members thoughts on this question. Has anyone tried tri-amping the OB...