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 Perreaux Preamps
Hi does anyone have experience with Perreaux preamps
 Perreaux or Bryston?
I can get a good deal on a Perreaux 200P power amp,
 Perreaux TU2
I bought a used Perreaux TU2 fm tuner.
 Perreaux 350P
Anyone have any experience with this amp? Thoughts on driving N802's with it? Thanks
 Perreaux SM6P
Anybody had problems with the SM6P preamp?I bought one here and the display was faulty on arr...
 Perreaux P250 Problem
I have a broke down Perreaux P250 ,1 channel out.Could... Perreaux want's me to send it to th...
 Perreaux Eloquence 255i
the Plinius 8200, and came upon references to the Perreaux
 Repair of Perreaux......NYC
I have a used Perreaux 3150B power amp that I believe
 Perreaux in North America
opinion from you all ~ what is the level of interest in Perreaux
 Perreaux Audiant VP3
I can't seem to find comments about this phono stage on Audiogon (and hardly anywhere else).d...
 Anyone Know Perreaux 2150B?
Hi I'd like to find out about the Perreaux 2150B if...Jeeez it's hard to find info about Perr...
 Is there a Perreaux dealer/distributor in the US?
I am having great difficulty finding a Perreaux dealer...I'm getting no help from Perreaux.
 plinius vs perreaux integrateds
Anyone had a chance tohear both the Plinius and Perreaux...integrateds but I have not heard t...
 Info on Perreaux PMF 5550.....
I am using a Perreaux 2150 b and I have been many and (sean) that the Perreaux 3...
 Voltage conversion for Perreaux 350P?
anyone know how to make voltage conversions on a Perreaux...I've tried contacting Perreaux bu...
 Re: Vintage Perreaux Amplifiers
To all Perreaux aficionados, between the PMF-2150B
 Need help for PERREAUX 200ip
I am being offered a PERREAUX 200ip to drive my
 LFD NCSE & Perreaux TS2
I have a (now vintage) totally passive Perreaux TS2
 Perreaux SXV1 Phono Preamplifier
Audio Advisor offers these units at $350. High gain, appear to be well made, specs appear to ...