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 Studer vs Otari
As for Otari, I don't know which one is anything right now, just thinking that ma...
 Otari tape recorders
Does OTARI ring any bells for anyone?
 Otari tape recorders
Any one heard of Otari or a place that might be interested
 Otari MTR-10 MKII
Hello Open Tape lovers,I am having the above Tape Machine, and am thinking about building the...
 Otari or Technics Reel-to-Reel ?
Hi.I am thinking about getting one of those in the future. I am sure I would want Studer but ...
 Otari MX5050 BII 2 Question
I picked one of these up last night.  It had the large metal reel on it and the guy played me...
 Otari MTR-15 and Sony APR-5003 R to R Tape Decks
Please, let me hear from all owners of these two very fine tape decks. I would love to hear a...
 How often do you have to service your Studer or Otari
I guess, there are still places where you can be confident that they know what they do.