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 Anyone heard the ess connoisseur series?
any experience with the ess connoisseur or the oskar...heil speakers?
 Best solid state power amp for $1k
pre-amp, based on the 12au7 and presently using new oskar...heil speakers.
 sonographe 120, is it worth having?
I have a tube pre-amp and Oskar Heil speakers.
 anyone heard the oskar syrinx?
store the other day and listened to an assortment of speakers...Then I saw a unique pair of s...
 Playing with the idea of solid state amps
My system is a Droplet player, Oskar Heil Kithara speakers
 $1k, new, power amp, 100w or less, what do you say
have a home brew 12au7 based pre-amp, home built speakers...most like Oskar Heil Aulos, HK CD...