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 Kubala and Oritek
here had an opportunity to A-B the Kubala's and the Oriteks
 Oritek X-1 as phonocable ?
Hi,I know there are a lot of threads about this cable, but I want to know if anyone uses this...
 Calling for inputs on Oritek X-2
I am currently using Oritek X-1b and very happy with...I have a SS system and I used Oritek f...
 Any reports on Oritek X-2?
while back there were a few favorable reports on the Oritek
 Help with my Oritek Stereo 70
table, Mapleshade-isolated Lingo 1, Linto phono amp, Oritek
 Anyone tried Oritek X-1 cables?
I've read the reviews and was curious if anyone's had any first hand experience with these ca...
 Is Oritek still in bussiness? Need contact info.
Hi all, was wondering if anyone has contact information for Ori. My web searches came up nil,...
 What's better than Oritek X-2
I have the X-2 and have tried other cables hoping to improve my systems performance and have ...
 Anyone hear Oritek Audio's new preamp/DAC?
I just got done listening to it at Ori's. It was much more transparent than my $3200, well-re...