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hello, does somewan have a schematic from ming-da
 Ming Da 3008A Owner
>Ming Da 3008A 40 Watt Single Ended Triode Mono... the Ming Da 30008A mono blocks for the ...
 WANTED: Ming Da MC-7R Preamplifier
Looking for a Ming Da MC-7R preamp.  Very Good condition or better.
 Ming-Da MC-368-B amplifier
Any comments on Ming-Da MC-368-B amplifier (sound, reliability, etc.)?
 Ming-Da MC-7 Preamp mod
Does anyone have any experiance with Ming Da MC-7
 Ming Da MC-3008-A2 Mono Blocks
of the Ming Da MC-3008-A2 Mono Blocks from Pacific... it compare to the Ming Da 845 amp?...I...
 MHZS CD88G and Ming-Da MC100 CD players
tubes).I recently saw Meixing Ming-Da MC100 CD... purchased MHZS? If it is so, the Ming-Da m...
 Review: Ming Da MC-2A3 Tube preamp
with fellow audiophiles a schematic of the Ming Da MC... of a monstrosity.The Ming Da MC-2A3...
 Shengya vs. MHZS vs. Ming Da vs. Bada CD players
Has anyone compared Shengya vs. MHZS vs. Ming Da... Ming Da MC100 (which looks like a MHZS clone
 Response Audio Reference modified Ming Da MC-7R
. In such a highly resolving system the stock Ming Da showed... a 'Gon classified ad for Ming...
 Review: Ming Da by Pacific Valve MC 34-AB Special Clas
...Pacific Valve's Ming Da 34-AB Special well
 Mei Xing ming da
Does anyone have any experience with brand? I am looking for comments, opinions and/or though...
 Anyone heard the Ming Da MC34AB
Has anyone heard this amp? It is sold by Pacific Valve.
 Ming Da MC767-RD Tube Phono Stage
I am in the market for an inexpensive (sub $1,000) phono stage for my office system. Poking a...
 any hear dared or ming da amps?
any reviews?
 Question re: Ming Da MC 88-C integrated biasing
Anybody know if this unit needs to be biased or is it self-biasing? The little manual that co...
 Need Help With Ming Da 300 4T Integrated Amp Tubes
I purchased a MingDa 300B 4T integrated amp that is brand new in the box but has no tubes or ...
 Ming-Da MC 100 and MC 200 CD players
Is anyone familiar with these CD players? The former one is surprisingly similar to MHZS 88G ...
 LM 215 CD player
player? Any comparisons with Bada, MHZS, Ming-Da or other Chinese CD players?