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hello, does somewan have a schematic from ming-da
 Ming Da 3008A Owner
>Ming Da 3008A 40 Watt Single Ended Triode Mono... the Ming Da 30008A mono blocks for the ...
 WANTED: Ming Da MC-7R Preamplifier
Looking for a Ming Da MC-7R preamp.  Very Good condition or better.
 Ming-Da MC-368-B amplifier
Any comments on Ming-Da MC-368-B amplifier (sound, reliability, etc.)?
 Ming-Da MC-7 Preamp mod
Does anyone have any experiance with Ming Da MC-7
 Ming Da MC-3008-A2 Mono Blocks
of the Ming Da MC-3008-A2 Mono Blocks from Pacific... it compare to the Ming Da 845 amp?...I...
 MHZS CD88G and Ming-Da MC100 CD players
tubes).I recently saw Meixing Ming-Da MC100 CD... purchased MHZS? If it is so, the Ming-Da m...
 Review: Ming Da MC-2A3 Tube preamp
with fellow audiophiles a schematic of the Ming Da MC... of a monstrosity.The Ming Da MC-2A3...
 Shengya vs. MHZS vs. Ming Da vs. Bada CD players
Has anyone compared Shengya vs. MHZS vs. Ming Da... Ming Da MC100 (which looks like a MHZS clone
 Response Audio Reference modified Ming Da MC-7R
. In such a highly resolving system the stock Ming Da showed... a 'Gon classified ad for Ming...
 China invades ! Ming Da MC-368 KT 120 Intergrated Amp
and a dealer in Arizona recommend Ming Da units
 Review: Ming Da by Pacific Valve MC 34-AB Special Clas
...Pacific Valve's Ming Da 34-AB Special well
 Mei Xing ming da
Does anyone have any experience with brand? I am looking for comments, opinions and/or though...
 Anyone heard the Ming Da MC34AB
Has anyone heard this amp? It is sold by Pacific Valve.
 Ming Da MC767-RD Tube Phono Stage
I am in the market for an inexpensive (sub $1,000) phono stage for my office system. Poking a...
 any hear dared or ming da amps?
any reviews?
 Question re: Ming Da MC 88-C integrated biasing
Anybody know if this unit needs to be biased or is it self-biasing? The little manual that co...
 Need Help With Ming Da 300 4T Integrated Amp Tubes
I purchased a MingDa 300B 4T integrated amp that is brand new in the box but has no tubes or ...
 Ming-Da MC 100 and MC 200 CD players
Is anyone familiar with these CD players? The former one is surprisingly similar to MHZS 88G ...