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 Miller Kreisel?
I have developed an interest in Miller Kreisel subs
 Has anyone modified a Miller & Kreisel subwoofer
well,,, not sure if you can call them vintage but Miller...and Kreisel (M&K) S-2B's two w...
 Miller & Kreisel MX-5000 MKII....OK?
In looking at posts in the threads regarding subs, nobody speaks about M&K subs. Is this ...
 Miller Kreisel M&K MPS-2525 Active Tripole
guys might consider a fair price for a pair of Miller...Kreisel M&K MPS-2525 Active Tripo...
 Miller & Kreisel LFE-4 Bass Controller - help..
Hopefully someone can help me.. Picked up an MK LFE-4 Bass Management Controller; although do...
 What's the difference? Is one better Than other?
I have a pair of Miller & Kreisel S-150THX......And a pair of Miller & Kreisel MPS 25...
 Good Amp/PreAmp combo for Alon IV
speakers to replace my Celestion SL6si's (I also have a Miller...and Kreisel VX-7II Sub).
 M&K push-pull config???? suggestions?
now. those of you that have listened to these by miller...and kreisel, please enlighten me on...
 Anthem D2V 3D/P5 or Cary Audio Cinema 12/7.250
I have just bought the Miller & Kreisel S150 series