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 Maxell or TDK?
What brand of tape between just these two would you consider to be the better brand for casse...
 TDK and Maxell. But what about??
What about Radio Shack MPX premium metal cassettes??? I think they sound pretty good. I bough...
 Maxell XL102A stereo audio interconnect
believe to be a classic stereo audio interconnect, the Maxell...Unlike most audio classics, t...
 TDK SA-X or Maxell XLII-S which is best?
Which of these two cassette's do you all think is the better tape in terms of sound quality,c...
 TDK SA-X or Maxell XLII-S which do you prefer?
Audiogon in terms of sound quality and reliability,Maxell
 TDK MA-R, TDK MA-XG, Maxell Vertex, Sony Metal Mas
Has anyone compared these tapes on a real good deck? Also, who compared original MA-XG tape(c...
 Gently used cassettes
Anybody know of a resource for once recorded TDK,maxell