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 proac D1 or harbeth p3esr
hi,i own the harbeth p3esr.i have the D1 in my... house last week,as much as i love the harbe...
 Desktop Harbeth p3esr Amp
I just bought a pair of Harbeth p3esr speakers
 harbeth p3esr or usher be 718
speakers would work better harbeth p3esr or usher
 Harbeth P3ESR or Monitor 30?
I'm leaning strongly towards a (used) Harbeth... upgrade, and was focussed on the P3ESR until I
 Amp for Harbeth p3esr
the switch from my current speakers to pair of Harbeth... p3esr's for a small room setup. Cu...
 Harbeth P3ESR+Linn Sub or Bigger Harbeth Speakers
sense to keep it and get a pair of Harbeth P3ESR... and getting the Harbeth P3ESR provide th...
 Harbeth P3ESR vs. Proac D1 with Peachtree iNova
monitor, my short list is Harbeth P3ESR vs. Proac D1... Harbeth vs. Proac (e.g. sweeter midr...
 Why do Harbeth P3ESRs sound different?
Hi all,  My audio friend has a pair of Harbeth... P3ESRs in the rosewood finish. After I hear...
 ProAc Studio 100 vs. Proac 1SC vs. Harbeth P3ESR
who has heard the Harbeth P3ESR make a comparison... vs Harbeth, etc. but I will go ahead an...
 Amp for Harbeth P3ESR
I am looking for an amp synergy with Harbeths... of the harbeth's a little and to extend the ...
 subwoofer for Harbeth P3ESR
Question is basically would anyone consider using a sub with these compacts?Does it take away...
 Harbeth P3ESR /amplification
speaker to be used mainly for desk top near field system---listening ca 2 feet away . small r...
 Totem The One or Harbeth P3ESR??
Hello all, sorry if this has been previously discussed, but in trying to find an a/b comparis...
 Harbeth p3esr SE
in the last month, but very few P3esr used.  Has anyone
 Harbeth P3ESR vs. Aerial 5B
, which sort of led me towards Harbeth. I'm also
 Kef 201/2 or Harbeth P3ESR
Which is better - any comments or experiences, what would you select?Two fine smaller speakers!
 Are Harbeth P3ESR's Any Different From B&W???
Harbeth's,with that metal dome tweeter are they going
 Harbeth P3ESR SE vs 7ES2 w/ LFD
amplifier and wish to upgrade my speakers from a P3ESR SE
 Harbeth P3ESR - What electronics are you using?
different? If so, why?Just for fun...what color are your P3ESR's?
 Powered sub suggestions to mate /w Harbeth P3ESRs
The room is 10 x 15 w/ 7 foot ceilings. Ill be sitting 5 feet away from the speakers. The sys...