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I'm considering Harbeth 7es-2 preowned with a YBA 201...The harbeth/yba combo with cost aroun...
 Harbeth 7es2 vs Harbeth 7es3
I researched a Harbeth 7es2 for sale....the woofer was replaced with the woofer from the Harbeth
 Harbeths building system around Harbeths?
I have been reading about Harbeths and they sound pre amp that I like) like fa...
 Harbeth Comparison
I loved the Harbeth Super HL5s at the RMAF....Has anyone compared the HL5 with the Harbeth Mo...
 Harbeth SHL5
I've been reading a lot of good stuff about Harbeth...My immediate impression is the Harbeth'...
 The Harbeth phenomenon
threads here and noticed that many owners or fans of Harbeth...have almost a love-like connec...
 Which Harbeth
You'll get contrary opinions about "which consider what amplification you pair w...
 Harbeth HLP3ESR
Anyone heard these new baby harbeths ?
 ProAc or Harbeths?
I wonder if anyone has listened to ProAc D38 and Harbeth
 Harbeth blog
Alan Shaw, the designer and owner of Harbeth, the high...speaker manufacturer, has started a ...
 Harbeth M30
I recently bought Harbeth M30....My former speakers are Harbeth P3, which I loved so
 Which Harbeth?
Based just on room size which Harbeth would work best
 Harbeth at CES
Anyone go in the Harbeth room this year?
 Harbeth Experts
I'm kind of puzzled by the Harbeth speaker line.
 Harbeth Hl-5 or Harbeth-7es
I've been reading about both speakers on Audiogon.I have also paid attention for pre-owned on...
 Harbeth Speakers
downsizing my system from Audio Physic Virgos to Harbeth
 Harbeth Question
Research H Frame OB subs and i want to purchase a set of Harbeths
 Harbeth comparison?
Hi all,I’ve been using the Harbeth p3esr for years
 Harbeth or Coincident
Plinius 9100 amp driving either the Harbeth P3ESR or
 Zu or Harbeth
The Harbeth 40.1 has been on the top of my