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 Need Kt88s Genelex? or Shuguang?
I was tending toward the Genelex which some recommend
 Psvane or Genelex?
I have a Belles VT-01 preamp that uses 4 12AU7 tubes. I was looking for a tube that will last...
 Genelex 6922, 12ax7, or 12au7
Anyone tried any of these new tubes yet? I have components that use all three types.......jus...
 New PX300B from Genelex Gold Lion
Can anyone compare the new Genelex PX300B tube to either
 Genelex KT-66 v Chinese KT-66 Retros
the Chinese Retros LOOK and SOUND like the original Genelex
 EL34 SED, Black Sable or Genelex Gold Lion?
I am currently using the new production EL34 SED, bought from, and are very ple...
 Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 reissued tubes
Has anyone purchased these tubes and what are your impressions of the sound?
 Genelex KT-88:Gold Lion/Monarch &re-issues
I have narrowed the choice of output tubes to the Genelex
 GEC/Genelex/Gold Monarch KT88
Anyone have experience rolling these tubes, and would you comment on their sonic characterist...
 Output tubes for the PrimaLuna 2
performance of the "stock" KT-88s in the PL2(Chinese Genelex...harmonic balance of the follow...