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 Jolida Fusion
Hellow, has anyome had a chance to hear the Jolida Fusion
 Jolida Fusion 3502S vs. Jolida Fusion 801
from anyone who is familiar with both the Jolida Fusion...3502S and the Jolida Fusion 801.
 Fusion - Any Recommendations?
group called AREA that are more like avant-garde fusion...Who knows a little about fusion and...
 Fusion Audio cable?
I just picked up a pair of Fusion Audio Romance "Ella...curious about the interconnect and po...
 Jolida Fusion Preamp
Does anyone have a Jolida Fusion Preamp, or experience
 Modern Fusion anyone?
Fusion has gotten such a bad rap over time, some of...I have been started to get into some ne...
 fusion jazz recommendations
I recently stumbled onto some great music by Virgil Donati, Tribal Tech, Michael Landau, and ...
 rock/jazz fusion
i ran across a group called "Jazz is Dead"; Jimmy Herring, T Lavitz, Billy Cobham who did ins...
 Tubes for Jolida Fusion Preamp
I have a Jolida Fusion pre which takes 2 12AX7 and
 Fusion CD-64 CDP
Tjoeb" for over 2 years so it's not like the Fusion...if anyone else has taken a run at liste...
 Fusion Audio Romance Series
Has anyone bought or tried Eric's new Romance series? I bought his Romance 1's and highly rec...
 Fusion Audio Romance series cables
I have been using the Fusion Audio silver Enchanter...The Fusions are far more extended in th...
 Searching for Fender Rhodes in Jazz or Fusion
Looking for recordings in jazz,fusion,or vocals with
 Jolida Fusion Preamp Guidance please
br>So my top contender to replace it is the Jolida Fusion...Jolida also sells a Fusion pre...
 Recommendations for Arab and Mid-Eastern fusion.
I'm looking for new talents from Middle East as I've started developing an interest in Middle...
 Fusion Audio new Magic power cables
great power cords or looking for to upgrade their Fusion...Eric Love (owner of Fusion cables)...
 Has anybody auditioned the Tube Technology Fusion
anyone has spent any time with the Tube Technology Fusion
 Funky/fusion jazz with heavy base emphasis....
little to no trumphets,sax,piano,etc...real funky/fusion
 Nixeus Fusion HD... Need to choose HDD
>I finally made a digital source choice of Nixeus Fusion
 Anti cables Reference or Fusion Romance cables
Anyone try both? What was your feelings toward them?On the Anti cables Reference 3 or 4?