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 RWO/Fostex LS3
Anyone have listen to RWO/Fostex LS before?
 RWO/Fostex LS3
Anyone have listen to RWO/Fostex LS before?
 RWO/Fostex LS3
Anyone have listen to RWO/Fostex LS before?
 CD Recorder :Fostex or Tascam?
recording from analog on both decks.I currently have a Fostex...aware about major differences...
 Good fostex fe126e designs?
Ron of, and two recommended by fostex
 Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
The Zhorn uses a Fostex fe-z 6in driver.And birch plywood
 Fostex t 500 a. mk2
How long does this tweeter take to break inHope to hear from user experience or others.Thanks
 fostex full rang p1000k
Hey! Just wondering if it would be possible to improve the sound of the woofers, the base is ...
 Fostex CR200 vs. CR300 recorder
I need help - my friend wants to buy a Fostex
 Fostex 2001 VS Magnepan MG3 HELP!
opportunity to buy (used) either the Magnepan MG3 or a Fostex...2001, both utilizing True Rib...
 Subwoofer for single driver Fostex Voigt Pipes??
I have fallen in love with the sound of the Fostex
 small powered monitor; Yamaha vs Fostex
size that I am looking at are the Yamaha MSP3 and Fostex
 Fostex Drivers.... need some advice here..
Audax horn tweeters and Fostex FE164 full range drivers
 fostex vs accuton - same speed & accuracy ?
i like the speed & accuracy of accuton / thiel ceramic drivers. as my hearing ends at 14k...
 Fostex BK-16 Folded Horn Kit
I'm interested inbuilding this speaker kit from madisound. Looks interesting...single driver,...
 JVC SX-WD500 or Fostex G1300 for classical & jazz?
zalaczniki/1166010_2.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Fostex
 Full Range Fostex Driver question
I am intrigued by the recent buzz on the Cain & Cain and Omega speakers. I talked at leng...
 Anyone had any experience with Fostex FE206E full
Advice needed. Am considering building a pair of back loaded horn type speakers, and am wonde...
 Fostex based speakers: Cain Abby or Omega Super3R
It is finally time for me to ask some questions: I am completely stuck on the question of spe...
 For Cayin TA-30:"The Horn" or Fostex/Voight
about "The Horn" or a DIY pair of Voigt Pipes with Fostex