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 Inner Sound Final?
What experience can anyone report with Final and Inner...Sound speakers?
 Final Sound Electrostats
Curious if anyone has any experience listening to these?
 Help with final sound electrostatic speakers i90
Are any of you familiar with final sound electrostatic
 Finally, The new album from the Future Sound Of
London, called THE ISNESS. Although it has all the past elements of their past work, this one...
 Final Sound 600i: where to find support/pricing?
I have a pair of excellent condition Final Sound 600i...unable to figure out who supports the...
 Final ditch effort to improve my sound. Pls. help
I feel I am not getting the sound I like system, so I finally have decided to throw ...
 Final Sound Electrostatic Speakers - value?
enjoyed using a pair of front and center channel Final...aftermarket demand for the functioni...
 If this sounds like YOUR Turntable story, please share...your final chapter
You had a nice budget ($2k-$4K) table, which you enjoyed for years. It always served up the a...