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 Fidelity Research FR66
What would be a fair price for one of these 12" arms never used, in perfect mint shape, and b...
 Fidelity Research cartridges
Any FR cartridge experts out there? Raul? Dertonarm? Syntax?I have had an FR-7 which I bought...
 Fidelity Research FR5e
Does anyone have experience with this cart. I just picked one up but it is coming from Japan ...
 Fidelity Research FR-64x
 Fidelity Research FR-64x.....
 Fidelity Research FR64s Effective Mass?
Does anyone out there have the effective mass of the Fidelity...Research FR64s (stainless ste...
 Fidelity Research FR-1 MK3F
I have an F-1 MK3F cartridge with a missing stylus (the stalk appears to be unaffected). Some...
 Fidelity Research Headshell On SME Arm?
Is this combo ok? Are the connectors the same? Trying to add mass.
 what cartriges for my Fidelity Research FR64FX ?
what best cartriges for my Fidelity Research FR64FX
 Fidelity Research FR64 Black Limited Edition
Hello, i have a Fidelity Research Black Limited that the person was friends ...
 Cart recommendations for Fidelity Research FR-64S
Hello, I have a Fidelity Research FR-64S mounted...The FR-64S did come with the original Fide...
 Fidelity Research FR64S
It has been suggested by a few that a Fidelity Research
 Fidelity Research FR-66S tonearm lifter
folks, I would like to know how to disassemble the Fidelity...Research FR-66S tonearm lifter.
 Fidelity Research FR-24 MK II
Spent some time on the net looking for a manual for the FR 24 MkII tonearm but couldn't find ...
 Rebuild for Fidelity Research FR-1 MK3F...?
My latest "needs repair" project came with a "broken needle," which turned out to be a FR-1 M...
 Correct alignment for Fidelity Research 64fx/SPU?
Hello,I've recently paired SPU Spirit with FR64fx (& additional counterweight).FR64fx is ...
 Fidelity Research FR64 tonearm lift same as FR54?
Hello,The plastic lift on my Fidelity Research
 Fidelity Research FR-64 vs. FR-54
A Fidelity Research FR-64 was suggested as a simple
 Theory about Fidelity Research MC & PMC Carts
I have a theory that the Fidelity Research MC 201 and
 Fidelity Research 64s vs Jelco SA-750e
Obviously the Fidelity Research 64s is better
 Which is best step up for Fidelity Research Fr-7
I bought a Fidelity Research FR-7 cartridge and a Fidelity...Research FR-24 mkII tonearm.