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 Escalante Design
Anyone heard these speakers?
 Calling all Escalante Design Fremont Owners
I awaiting the arrival of a pair of Fremonts, always been a big fan of TB and his work all th...
 Escalante Fremont II
Anyone owning the latest revision (2 i assume) of Escalante...Design Fremont?
 New vs old
loudspeakers like either the Ridge Street Sason or the Escalante...Design Fremont?
 New Loudspeakers
Does anyone have any comments on Escalante Design Loudspeakers
 Eco-friendly Bamboo ply speakers
Anyone hear the Escalante Design bamboo speakers at
 What did you think of the HE2005 Show?
I then looked for Escalante Design, where Talon's former...designer, Tierry Budge, now resides.
 Why speaker lines come and go
but it seemed like an aesthetically pleasing, well designed...That made me think of Escalante...