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 Dual Mono?
I'm a novice...but how is a dual mono amp different
 Dual Turntables
tell me the "pick of the litter" from the stable of Dual
 Dual repair
Anyone know of a good Dual repair guy in Los Angeles
 Single and dual..
What's the difference between single op amp and dual
 Dual Tonearm
Hi, I have several Dual turntables, The one I am updating
 dual soundcards
i cannot make a dual soundcard configuration work.
 Dual 1019
I've bought a Dual 1019 for a couple of euros
 Dual Subs
Have been using Tyler D3M's for several months now. Excellent monitors with my Plinius electr...
Hello,I recently purchased two Hsu Research TN1220 HO subwoofers along with the outboard Hsu ...
 dual volume controls?
I see a few pre-amps with dual volume controls, which...I would assume are for true dual mono...
 Dual layer SACDs
dual layer SACD....Has anybody else experienced this problem with a dual...playing back in th...
 Dual 1219 noise
I have two other turntables and the dual is often, but this noise further alienates ...
 High end Dual
Does anyone remember that mid 80's attempt by Dual...I bought this 3 hung sprung Dual in glos...
 Placement of dual subwoofers...
What are the choices when using dual subwoofers?
 dual motor oiling
how exactly do I oil my dual 601 motor?
 Dual Banana lPlugs
positive and negative terminations that will accept the dual
 advice on Dual Voltage
either amp/preamp or good quality integrated that is dual...opinions on this would be very we...
 dual connect gold
anyone out there come across dual connect cables a
 DUAL turntable part
Hello friends can anybody help, I am searching for my Dual
 Dual Differential / Balanced?
upgrade power amps, and was wondering how valid the dual...differential aka "balanced" monobl...