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 Has anyone heard the DSPeaker?
The DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core is a DAC, pre-amp
 DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0
Does anyone out there use one of these units? I have read all the reviews. I want to hear fr...
 DSPeaker Anti Mode 2.0 evaluation
find a very kind dealer to allow me to try one the and then the JL subs are plu...
 Dirac vs dspeaker room correction
Both are about the same price as the dspeaker is on...I have chosen the dspeaker....Here are ...
 DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 issue
I have an AM 2.0 that has started to exhibit some strange behavior. When I get within a coupl...
 Programming Universal remote for DSPeaker 2.0 unit?
a Universal Remote (Dish in my case) to run your DSPeaker
 DSpeaker Antimode X4 has finally arrived
The long awaited DSPeaker Antimode X4 has finally
 Simplifi Audio - DSpeaker 2.0 ultra power supply
I bought the $500 power supply for the Dspeaker 2.0...known better - had a lousy experience b...
 DSPeaker Anti-Mide 2.0 in a 2.2 system
That title should be Anti-Mode. Ok, instead of adding sound panels to my living room, which I...
 DSpeaker Anti mode 2.0 Dual Core
Has anyone here heard this or used it? I've thought this was a cool piece but haven't heard a...
 DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 in a 2.2 system
Ok, instead of adding sound panels to my living room, which I’d prefer not to do, the availab...
 Anyone tried DSPeaker 8033 DSP Subwoofer EQ?
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 DSP Subwoofer Equalizer got
 DSPeaker 8033 Anti-Mode and REL sub, anyone?
DSPeaker says no problem, but I'm wondering if
 DSPeaker Dual Core 2.0: Tips and Tweaks Wanted
I finally gave up and acquired the DSPeaker...I have the DSPeaker running between my DAC and the
 DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 - Where in Signal Chain?
I just purchased a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 in the hopes
 DSPeaker 2.0 Room Correction question re best signal
either run an optical output from the DAC into the DSPeaker...can run the optical out of the ...
 DSpeaker Anti Mode Dual Core 2.0 Room Correction
Has anyone tried this new unit in their system either 2 channel or home theater??? I was read...
 DSPeaker Anti-mode 8033 ii works wonders with my new