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 DK Design Group vs. Boulder
Has anyone here compared DK amps with Boulder amps?...currently using the Wilson Watt Puppy 7...
 Anyone heard of DK design group?
I have seen the DK VS-1 Reference Integrated Amplifier
 DK Design Group X-Dream - wow
Has anybody seen the review on the DK Design Group
 Dk design group ref. mk11 sound failure
exes said bye)but fortunately i have a great support group
 DK Design Group VS-1 what powercord/ic are using?
Cheetah 36v dbs, Acoustic Zen silver ref II, and the DK...Design interconnect....I was really...
 Anyone hear Dk Design VS1 Mk. 2 with Hyperion 938?
I'm thinking of upgrading my amp to the Dk Design Group