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 Non-audio DIY
I’m building a prototype for a non-audio project.
 Teres audio DIY turntable
Hi folks,I recently became aware of the Teres audio...availability of components geared towar...
 DIY Reference Audio Rack
have been thinking about building a low 2 shelf wood audio
 DIY Audio Rack [*fail*]
attenuator that does an awesome job of damping most of the audio
 DIY home audio advice
I'm needing a good DIY project speakers and amplifiers
 Granite vs Wood DIY Audio Racks?
find them to be a bit pricey so I figured I'd give DIY
 Threaded footers for my DIY audio rack
I am building a 3 tier rack that will have shelves 2" thick, 46" long and 18" deep.  The upri...
 Audio companies which started from DIY users?
bet there would be many companies once started from DIY
 DIY Dust Cover for Teres or Other Audio Equipments
�I have not seen Do-It-Yourself Dust cover on the Internet, so I post it here simply for your...
 Rogue Audio Cronus vs. EL34 DIY kit
My first choice is a Rogue Audio Cronus and the is an Audio Note kit (L4 Series P...
 Anyone try the new DIY VTwist int. from VH Audio?
I tried a 1M and 2 pair of the VTwist. One had the Eichmann RCA, the other XLR. The sound was...
 The most fun you can have in audio is DIYing your own
become an expert in the tech, but in all my years in audio..., I have to say DIY is the most ...
 "DIY" Salamander Synergy 40/Twin 40 Audio
provide me with an excellent place in which to put my audio...Is it EVEN possible at all to b...