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 Dennis Had Inspire amps and preamps.
Had on that, but maybe others have first hand experience
 Dennis Had Inspire SET with KEF LS50s
Has anyone tried driving KEF LS50s with a 17 watt Inspire SET, and what was your impression?
 Dennis Had Inspire Fire-Bottle SET amp review
tube preamp that is even better than the HK-CI I had...for an affordable ~12 wpc tube amp and...
 MicroZotl2.0 Deluxe vs Dennis Had Dragon IHA-1
Has anyone compared these extremely well-reviewed units as headphone amps as well as preamps?
 Is there a market for the Dennis Had/ Cray Audio Tuned
I have a pair of Cray Audio 8.2 Tuned Audio Soliloquy Speakers.I don't see any interest out t...
 Dennis Had IFA-1 EL84 SET amp coming my way...
I have posted previously the sonic joy of Dennis' Inspire...Dennis was the founder and genius...
 Since Dennis Had left Cary has the company built any
Always thought Had's tube gear was among the best.