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 EAr 834p vs coph nia phono pre amp
pre amp and concidering either the ear 834p or the coph...nia.
 Can I use a SUT or head amp with my 60dB Coph Nia MC
with my .4mV MC cartridge (Denon DL-301 MkII) and my Coph...Nia phono preamp.  ...The Coph Ni...
 Copper or Silver for Tonearm cable ? Pros & Cons ?
TT with the Dynavector DV10x5 cartridge and a MC Coph-Nia...I put my Coph Nia on 47K and it w...
 Audio research PH1 alternatives ?
Love my Coph Nia MC phono stage (feed it with Pink...In comparison with the coph the audio re...