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 consonance cyber 800
cyber 800 owners, what tubes are you using?
 Consonance Opera Cyber 211 mods
I have the Cyber 211s driving Kharma CRMs fe 3.2
Is there an English translated Manufacturer's website?I am interested in a 211/845 model but ...
 Consonance cyber 845 bias setting
The instruction manual does not explain how to set the bias of this amp.Help anyone
 Anyone heard the Consonance Cyber 800 amps?
Was just looking through the specs on these cool looking mono-blocks and was wondering if any...
 AVA Ultra 550 fet vs. Consonance Cyber 800 tube
auditioned the Consonance tube monoblocks in house... the Consonance amps to have what I wou...
 Consonance Cyber 800/845 Valve amps; how good?
In my quest for a new valve power amp l came accross these;
 Mullard EL34 as a choice for your amp.
in regards to my Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks
 Anybody bi-amping Hyperion 938s?
Just got a pair. Love them. Have Consonance Cyber
 Sonus Faber Concerto upgrade?
where to start my research . I am using a Consonance... Cyber 100 integrated for now.Any wor...