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If you have not seen this Coltrane documentary, you owe it to yourself to do so, even if your...
 Chasing 60 hz hum
I have an MC 7150 and an MC 7104 in my system, both plugged in to the same circuit on a power...
 Moving beyond Mcintosh...chasing the audio dragon.
So some 25 odd yeas ago or so, I began dipping my toe into the rather esoteric world of high(...
 Dyna Pas3 Van Alstine Modified Chase Tech
Alstine Modified Dyna Pas3(tube) I cannot get the Chase...hookup as it is not the conventiona...
 Chase Technologies RLC-1 switcher-new with remote
I have a brand new, unused Chase RLC-1 with the remote
 Chase RLC-1 Remote Line Control Preamp.
Does anybody know about this unit? Is it audiophile quality?
 Sumo/Chase RLC-1 vs Golden Tube SI-50mk2
Sumo Polaris mkI amplifier (Solid State, 100wpc) and Chase