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 Cayin A 300B
Anyone experienced the Cayin A 300B amplifier?
 Cayin 265ai
one of these up for around $600 new. I have a Cayin
 Cayin - a warning
>Bought a Cayin SACD player - fabulous, makes (made
 Cayin A-88t OR Cayin A-100T for Sonus Faber Cremon
choices down to either the Cayin A-88t OR the Cayin
 stock tubes in cayin amps
cayin products ,all marked cayin maybe... they are cayins own or another manuf,, with cayins...
 Tube rolling in Cayin 17A
Curious if anyone who has the Cayin 17A CD player
 Cayin a88t mods
I currently have a fully modded Cayin TA-30 (mods...). I have acquired a Cayin a88t and am cu...
 Preamps and a Cayin A 50T
>I own an Adcom GTP 500 and a Cayin A 50T.... The Cayin is being used as the integrated am...
 Reviews for the Cayin TA30?
I have read numerous user reviews about the Cayin
 Pre for Cayin's integrated?
Hi, the manual of my Cayin a70t says
 Tube rolling in Cayin A-88T
understand Cayin uses the Shuguang KT-88. As good
 Anybody heard the Cayin CDT15
I am trying to find some info about the Cayin CDT
 Cayin product line question
, but the current models of Cayin integrateds... it the deal with Cayin is each amp is meant ...
 speakers to match with Cayin A50t
I have a Cayin A50T and have been using... with the Cayin which is an el34 based tube amp
 Cayin TA-30 thoughts...
Recently bought a Cayin TA-30 after reading tons...> my setup right now is: Cayin TA-30 T...
 Which is better, Jolida or Cayin?
>The TAD-Cayin TA-30, also modified, by
 Cayin ta30 or a88t
I hear a lot of positive reviews of the Cayin
 Biasing Cayin TA-30
, the Cayin calls for .35 volts. Just a different
 Speakers for Cayin KT-88
sessions,I think the cayin KT 88 its a great
 Cayin 15A and 17A Review
I bought the Cayin 15A dual tube cdp about 1 year.... The seller of the Cayin had replaced th...