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 Old Benz Micro vs. Benz Micro S
Anybody upgrade and older Benz to the S series?
 Is Benz Micro no longer in business?
Are Benz Micro carts no longer supplied or Benz Micro?
 Benz Micro Ruby Z
Does anyone have any experience with the Benz Micro
 Shims with Rega and Benz Micro?
I am about to set up a Benz Micro Glider on my Rega
 Benz Micro and background noise
I´ve got two carts: Benz Micro Ref 3 and Benz...Micro LP (non LP-S) and the answer is followi...
 Benz Micro needle life?
hours of playback should I be able to get out of a Benz...Micro cartridge before it needs ret...
 Benz Micro M2 loading
What are people using to load their Benz M2s?
 Loading for Benz-Micro Glider
I have the original lo output Glider. It's mounted on the VPI 10" arm. Has anyone experimente...
 Benz Micro Gullwing loading
I have just purchased an Einstein Turntable's Choice single-ended phono section. I replaced a...
 Classification of Benz Micro cartridges
A question for you Benz experts.
 Benz Micro H2 or Grado???
I want to limit the question to Benz or Grado because
 Benz Micro vs. Koetsu
I currently have a Benz LO.4 but am torn as whether
 tonearm for benz micro L2?
I would appreciate any ideas. Have Sota Star (vacuum) and about $2000.00. Listen mostly to ro...
 Benz-Micro SLR Gullwing MC
1995)Turntable: Pro-ject RM9.2Is the Benz-Micro
 Benz Micro Ace Mono Cartridge
Has anyone heard the relatively inexpensive Benz Micro
 Benz Micro Ace Sh hours
VPI HW-19 Mk 4 with a Sumiko FT-3 tone arm and a Benz...Micro Ace SH (2.5mV) MC cartridge.......
 Benz Micro Empire MC 5
more confusing, I can find information regarding a Benz...Micro MC 3: http://www.vinylengine....
 low riding Benz Micro Gold
Hello Gentlemen,Today I noticed that my cartridge seemed to be riding a bit low. There is onl...
 Micro Benz S Class cartridges
Does anyone have firsthand knowledge about the new Benz
 Benz Micro Ace with Rega RB700
Has anyone tried this cartridge / arm combination? What vta did you use? Is a 2mm shim about ...