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 avid ingeniom or avid diva 2?
in a remote part of Canada so only looking at avid.... Looking at a Jelco arm to put on a ne...
 Avid Diva MK 1 SP Upgrade
on this upgrade if you've purchased it for the original Avid Diva turntabe.
 Avid Diva II SP or keep my Linn
is a Dynavector 20xl2. However I have a chance to get a Avid... Diva II SP w/a Clearaudio Cl...
 Has any compared the Avid Diva to the VPI scout.
collection. I haven't heard the diva... but the reviews of it and the rest of the Avid line ...
 NEW Avid Diva in Black with Cork top
Has anyone seen the new Avid Diva Turntable...? They just redid the old Diva and the new one ...
 Avid Diva sonic signature - is it a "bright" table
an Avid Diva table (great quality, finish and POO
 AS Challenger mk 2 vs. Avid Diva 2 sp vs. Rega P9
Challenger mk 22-Avid Diva 2 sp3-Rega P9Diva 2 sp or any AS models. From what I have... read...
 Avid Diva II Owners
Just curious if any Diva II owners purchased
 Turntable upgrade or not ?
to an Avid Diva II and upgrade, downgrade... or lateral move?Any sonic benefits going from t...
 Jelco vs Rega
I have an Avid Diva II TT with the Jelco ST 250
 Turntable, but which one?
>- SME model 10- Avid Diva II SP- Avid Diva
 Rega RB300 to SME 309
I have an Avid Diva turntable with Rega RB300 arm
 Turntable with sme mount
isolation especially for the arm. An Avid Diva seems
 Exprience with Avid turntables?
Avid turntable -- a Diva or possibly a Volvere...Does anyone have experience with Avid turnt...