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 jolida jd3000 b preamp aux output
i need some help ,,when i hook a source into the aux
 Using integrated as headphne amp: tape in or aux?
Hi,My preamp (a Naim) has no headphone jack (of course). Currently I have no dedicated headph...
 Recommend a 3.5mm male to male mini Aux cable
to output from my iphone>dragonfly to my cars aux
 Using Aux vs CD input on Audible Illusions preamp
preferable to plug the CD player into the preamp's Aux...Is the Aux input recommended; and, i...
 Phono Preamp from turntable to stereo AUX prob?
Hey guys i just gota a phono preamp to get this turn table working on the stereo but it just ...
 Q about switching from cd to aux. on my Jolida
When I switch from CD to aux.
 Best-sounding tabletop audio w/ digital tuner and aux
about Bluetooth, but it needs to at least have an aux
 How do I run HT through a tape loop or aux in?
Or can I run a processor into Aux for L/R and use processor
 Possible to plug Turntable *and CD Player into Single AUX
my turntable into the LS50s rather limited, single AUX