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 AMR with Dynaudio?
>How do you think an AMR AM 77.1 would mate with my..., but feel like the AMR digital sour...
 AMR CD-77
Just curious if the AMR CD-77 has made
 worthy competitors of the amr 77
comments concerning differences between the amr 77...>are there any other worthy competit...
Concerning: AMR CD-77 / EMM Labs XDS1 / PLAYBACK
 Where to buy amr fuses?
I'm looking to buy AMR fuses for my amp, cdp
 Experience with AMR DP-777
now. Recently bought an AMR DP-777 and swapped
 Ayon CD5S vs AMR 77
Ayon CD5S vs AMR 77 cdplayer which is the best, your considerations please
 Ayon, AMR, Karan, and Plinius Combos
>The 3 combo's I have in mind:AMR-CD 77.1
 Transport suggestion for AMR DP-777 dac
I am looking for transport suggestions for an AMR... DP-777 dac.AMR cd-77.1 vs AMR dp-777 w/t...
 good transport for AMR DP-777 Dac
for use with the Abbingdon Music Research AMR -DP-777... dac...Then how would this combinati...
 AMR DP 777 or LampizatOr Level 5
listened to AMR DAC but unfortunately
 AMR CD 77 as a usb dac for computer server
Does anyone have an idea how a AMR CD77 would
 Dynaudio Confidence 3 w/ AMR AM 77.1?
>How do you think an AMR AM 77.1 would mate with my..., but feel like the AMR digital sour...
 AMR LS-77 full range monitors
Hi All, I've just ordered myself a AMR AM-77... real world experience of the AMR LS-77 . I've...
 AMR new product - PH-77 phono stage
, etc - and came across AMR's newest product, the PH
 AMR PH-77, ARC Reference 2, Allnic H-3000, Octave
in the AMR. Has anybody compared the AMR
 DAC Accustics Art - Ayon CD5S - AMR DAP 777
Accustics Art, Ayon CD5S or Skylla, AMR DAP 777, Bel Canto... 3.5I know AMR and Bel Canto
 Mini Maggies - has anyone tried AMR gold fuses?
. Changing the stock fuse for an AMR gold fuse
 Abbingdon music research AMR cd-77 is how good?
The AMR CD-77 cdp got some pretty good reviews
 Power cords for Coincident Frankenstein and AMR DP-777
(or the AMR DAC) that are in my price range. I know