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 used amp for Alon Lotus SE tube, or SS ?
I have a pair of Alon Lotus's - designed... about overly dry bass given the Alon's have 14 ohm 8
 Alon Lotus SE MkII vs. Alon V Mk III
Alon Lotus SE Mk II and Acarian Systems Alon V MK
 alon lotus elite sig vs. pbn montana spi vs. other
thinking about:Alon Lotus Elite signaturescurrently own Alon II
 Alon Lotus Elite Sig's
Does anyone own these speakers? What do you think?
 Alon Lotus Esprit.....comments?
Anyone familiar with these? Do they sound much like the Elite version, just less so?Thanks,Oz
 Any Alon Lotus owners in NYC?????
I would like to hear the new Lotus Elite or Lotus
 Any comments on Alon Lotus Elite speakers?
I'm considering these speakers due to a good price. Comments appreciated on either the regula...
 Alon Lotus Elite Signature vs. Magnepan 20.1
heard arguments for both. The Alon being voiced
 Alon V vs. Alon Lotus Elite Signature/Viper ref
and the Lotus Elite Sig's? Also am I correct in stating
 Vandersteen 3A Sig versus Alon Lotus Elite/Sig
Would anyone with direct experience with these two speakers care to comment on the relative d...
 Verity Fidelio, Alon Lotus Elite & Merlin VSM-M?
the Alons and the Merlins at the last Home
 Need help deciding which power amp to buy.
with a Raysonic CD-168 CD player and Alon Lotus Elite... speakers (these are identical to th...