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anyone heard the eAR amps of the aVinci speakers from Denmark -
 Acoustic Reality
What do you know about this company from Denmark? Has anyone heard the equipment and how are ...
 Acoustic Reality service?
Does anyone know someone who can service and repair Acoustic...Reality eAR One Monoblocks?
 IRD monoblocks or Acoustic Reality?
Which is the better pick, the IRD monoblocks or the Acoustic...Reality?
 Acoustic Reality digital amplifiers
Has anyone tried these amps and can I get some comments on them. I know an audition is the on...
 Acoustic Reality vs. NuForce
Any opinions on the eAR 501 in comparison to the NuForce ref 9b as far as sonics and reliabil...
 Bel Canto versus Acoustic Reality
found there is a (brand new design) 600W mono by Acoustic...REality (eAR 601 3G-WBT), which w...
 Speaker recommended with Acoustic Reality eAR1001
I have recently aquired a Acoustic reality eAR-1001
 Acoustic Reality Amp Blown...HELP PLEASE
Matey's,I crossed the terms on my WONDERFUL Acoustic...Reality Ear 2 stereo amp...Pop / burn'...
 Bel Canto, Nuforce, Acoustic Reality, Channel Is.
9.02The Channel Island would be the 200The Acoustic...Reality would be the 1001These are all ...
 Have you heard the Acoustic Reality digital amps?
of another really good sounding digital amp, the Acoustic...Reality.