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I currently have it mounted on an Acos Lustre GST-801
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I purchased a used Acos Lustre GST-801 for a Lenco
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Technics SP10 MkIIa table, Acos Lustre STA-
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Marantz SA 8001 SACD player, SOTA Saphire TT with ACOS...Lustre GST 801 arm, Grace F9E Ruby c...
 Mono records: build-in hum?
tonearm (second arm on my TT), namely Denon 102 on Acos...Lustre.
 Kuzma Four Point compared to SME V-12 tonearm
upgrade my Technics SP10 MkII table from the very nice Acos...Lustre ST-801, and have a new M...