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 Cambridge 840a v2 equivalent
qualities as the Cambridge 840a v2. Right now
 Cambridge 840a volume ramping
i recently purchased a cambridge audio 840a
 problem with preouts on CA 840a v2
connecting to my preouts on my cambridge audio 840a v2
 Rotel 1070 v MF A300 Cambridge 840A
to the MF A300 or Cambridge 840A?? Is the Rotel
 is CA 840a an adequate amp for magnepan mmg/mg12?
have a cambridge 840a amp (200 watts into 4 ohms
 Cambridge Audio 840a vs McIntosh MA6500.
I currently have the 840a, and am demoing
 Yamaha A-S2000, Azur 840A V2, or Parasound 2100
: Yamaha A-S2000, Cambridge Audio 840A V2 (along
 Cambridge Audio Azur 840A
Anyone with experience with this integrated amp or have any thoughts? It would be driving Foc...
 Creek 5350se vs. Cambridge Audio 840a V2
Hi I'm am agonizing over these two integrated amps. Heard them both and liked them both. Othe...
 VR-1 amp match?
>Von Schweikert VR-1's----NAD C352 or Cambridge 840A?Thanks