ZYX RS series cartridges?


Anyone heard the ZYX RS series (10, 20, 30) cartridges? These apparently are XYX's entry level, below the R-1000 series. Thanks,

I've heard the upper end and they are fabulous. Would also have interest in hearig how the pickups you mention perform.
I've been reading that they outperform the Shelter cartridges. This brand does interest me a lot. Dusty is selling them.
There was a review of the ZYX RS30 in an english mag (HI-FI+) a year or two ago. They didn't like it much (if I remember correctly, they said it had a warmish, coloured sound, and not enough PRaT). In the same review they reviewed another ZYX (either the R100 or one of the R1000's) which they liked (actually, they really seemed to admire more than like its transparency/delicacy), and the Benz Micro Ace, which they seemed to like more than either ZYX(!).

Guess they like the Benz sound.

I have owned at least 10 Monster Cable Alpha Genesis 1000's over the years (they were made by Nakatsuka, head man at ZYX). It was (is) a very even-handed, pure-sounding cart. It is only average in PRaT, so if that is your thing, you would not like it. The folks at ZYX say the ZYX R100 is practically the same cart.
I happen to have heard all three models in different set up at a friend audio shop. I would say the RS20 is the better buy,it has better detail than the RS10 and with a little pinch of colour to the sound. The RS30 has better extention at the top and a little closer to the neutral side. Also take note that the current models has the same conical body as the better models (The previous series has T-body front view).
All three cartridges has extremely smooth and quiet,so take you pick. They are all excellent cartridges and I think you should be able find one that suit you system.
malafr, on behalf of several, thanks for that assessment.