ZYX 'Real Stereo' and Miyajima 'Cross Ring' Cartridges


If I may use the word 'advanced'. If we assume that ZYX and Miyajima are onto something.

What other cartridge manufacturers use an advanced motor assembly design?.

What does that mean??

Both manufacturer's believe their motor assembly is superior to others.

Since I own both these companies offerings (Universe ll and Kansui), and for my listening preferences they beat the other cartridges I own. I was wondering if there are other manufacturer's that believe they make a superior motor assembly.

Both ZYX and Miyajima believe their magnet design more accurately picks up the 'emotion' and 'art' held in the records grooves. I agree with them.

Who else is making 'superior' boasts?

Miyajima started out to build a superior mono cartridge.  After he reached his goal, which led to his rather unique structure, he then branched into stereo.  I am not aware of whatever may be unique in the design and/or build of ZYX cartridges, but I've heard the first version of the UNI, and I loved it, still kind of lust for one.  If the UNI II is so much better as claimed, I'd have to hear that to believe it.  Anyway, suffice to say that I cannot think of a single cartridge maker who cannot make a case for the unique-ness of his products and their aural superiority.  It's called "marketing", but also it's because these are creative people who have put in time and effort to think about the art of phono transduction.
Nakatsuka San started to build superior top stereo cartridges long time ago and since the days of his vintage Moster Cable MC cartridges and ADC TRX MI (just to name a few) later he patented some new things for his own ZYX design (clearly explained in the zyx manuals) and now we have premium line of ZYX (i've owned Zyx Premium 4D).

@cousinbillyl  it is nice that you have moth Zyx and Kansui, it is probably two different concepts of sound, how do you with with both of them ? I mean it's really interesting subject. Could you tell us which tonearms do you normally use for them and which of these cartridges do you use more often? Aftex my ZyX experience i was thinking about Kansui myself, but never tried it yet. If you're a ZYX user it would be nice to know your opinion (about Miyajima Kansui). Thanks    

Hello chakster

Comparing the two is simple.

The ZYX Universe ll uses a plastic body, which is open on the sides. There is very little 'vibration' coming from the body of the cartridge. It is therefore very open and clear. For me it is as true to the music as any cartridge I've ever owned. I listen to everything from Dead Can Dance, to Dire Straits, Black Sabbath, and onto Mahler and Janos Starker on cello. Nothing can unnerve the ZYX.

The Miyajima is a completely different animal. My Kansui reminds me of the Koetsu's I've owned. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. When my wife and I are in the mood for female singers, this cartridge gets mounted onto my 4point. Did I mention it's gorgeous. The wood body of the cartridge ads a warmth to the music which is addictive.

Therefore: are there other cartridges which 'claim' to use a different style of magnet assembly design.

@cousinbillyl thanks, i know what you mean by addictive warmth, i feel the same with my garrott p77 right now.

Which Koetsu (Black or Rosewood) sounds like Kansui?

Few more unique cartridges to add to the sybject:

First one is new Allnic Puritas:

ALLNIC PURITAS (MC) cartridge is designed to reproduce music via a mechanism that emulates the LP cutting lathe’s cutter head. the Puritas has two separate hollow polycarbonate bobbins, as opposed to one bobbindesigned as an iron square or cross-block. Iron is about nine times heavier than poly carbonate, so a conventional iron bobbin reacts with far less agility to the musical grooves of a vinyl record than one made of hollow polycarbonate. As a cantilever moves along the vinyl’s grooves,
it needs a pivot. Conventional MC cartridges’ coils are located near the pivot because of their heavy moving mass. Because of its lighter moving mass, relative to conventional MC cartridges, the Allnic Puritas’s coils are nearer to the diamond stylus.

Second is vintage JVC DIRECT-COUPLE PHONO CARTRIDGE (they’re actually made several models with this unique technology), top of the line was Victor (JVC) MC-L1000 MC Cartridge with micro-coil sitting right-on-top of the stylus !

I forgot about the Puritas. I owned it at one point. Business was slow and therefore had to sell it.

I should get another.

I own a ZYX Universe II and owned the Universe I
My experience reflects exactly Doug Deacon’s very insightful review.
the Universe I is a fabulous cartridge

when set up this measured on the scope the highest separation of any cartridge my setup tech has seen and he has been at it for years

I use a Galibier Gavia which is an incredible table

then I replaced my triplanar vii with a Durand Talea
oh my this was otherworldly

I love when one aspect of your setup can demonstrate the great attributes of the other’s synergy
Universe must be really good for it's cost for sure.
Most people talking about Universe when it comes to ZYX but what about some other premium models such as new 4D (no reviews yet).
Price tag of the Universe is not for everyone, especially when it comes to retip :(

the 4D has many of the underlying attributes of the ZYX "house" sound

Check out reviews or posts from Doug Deacon

the search function is your friend too