Zyx R50 problem or not?

Hi all,

Need a help with my strange situation: I have Zyx Bloom R50H with Cinemag 1254, connected to EAR834P. The tonearm is TransFi Terminator. All was OK at the beginning, and suddenly the right channel become stronger then the left one. No distortion in the sound just the balance of the sound stage is more to the right. I have checked everything, cables, connectors,… all fine.

A friend of mine got me his Supex 900 cartridge, and all is fine. No problem with the channel imbalance. The same is with old Pickering  MM cartridge without the SUT, also no problem.


Then I gave the Zyx to my friend for the test, and, guess what, no channel imbalance in his system!?!?!?


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Get it back from your friend and try it again in your system. It might just work fine! 
You'd better hire an exorcist. 
On all records? Some stereo record just recorded this way.
You friend have different records to check it

Play MONO LP with stereo cartridge if you want to check the balance
Swap the tone arm connections on the back of the cartridge left for right.
Does the problem move? Yes=cartridge No=something after the cartridge.

If no, swap the connections on the back of the preamp.
Does the problem move? Yes= tonearm or tonearm cable No=preamp or something after it.
These steps are always the first thing to do when you encounter channel imbalance, one channel out and so on.

Swapped the connections on the back of the cartridge. The balance is now to the left. So I guess it is a cartridge!?

Example out  of many records: Bob Dylans Pat Garret &Billy the Kid soundtrack. Knocking on a heavens door. The background voices and Bob were on the right side of the stage. When I swapped the connections on the cartridge, they moved to the left.

Strange then how it could sound " ok" on your friends rig?
Unless they did not really understand what they were listening for?