ZYX R100 or Dynavector 20x2 L?

hi everybody
I need a new cart for my Rega P5, but I can audition neither of the 2. Any impression or advice is very welcome. thank you
Have you checked Vinyl Engine's Cartridge database to confirm that both carts will work well with that arm in terms of resonance? That will be an important first step.
@ Roscoeiii: thank you for the imput; I checked on VE's database and both carts are suitable for the rb700
I am a big fan of both ZYX and Dyna, but haven't heard either of these models. Don't think you'll go wrong with either.
What cartridge are you replacing? The ZYX R100 could be to lean sounding depending on the balance of your system. The Dynavector 20x2(low) is a solid allrounder. FWIW some claim the 20x2L has some of the characteristics of the Transfiguration Axia($2495).
I agree the 20X2 (low) is a very evenly balanced cartridge.
Dealers often pair them w/ Rega's, but this could be true of Zyx, if they had a larger dealer network. Since the .24 version of Zyx is conservatively rated, it may actually have the higher output.
I really like my Dynavector it digs out the details really well and plays all of the music that is in the groove. You won't suffer a lack of bass if using a good stage and pre.
@ Mechans: which is for you a good pre-phono? thank you for your help
I have a ZYX R100 on my Rega P5. I've had it on for about 6 weeks. It's my 1st MC cartridge. It sounds fine and not lean at all. Plenty of bass, nice midrange, etc.

I'm very happy with it.