ZYX R100 Fuji

Has anyone bought this cartridge on E-Bay from the Hong Kong dealer.
The asking price is $1200.00, before import duties, but still a much cheaper offer than what is offered through North American dealers, which is almost double.

Could this be too good to be true?
From the Sorasound webpage:

"If you purchase a ZYX cartridge from an un-authorized party (ex. grey market), your cartridge will have no warranty."

I'd look into whether this seller is an authorized dealer, and authorized to sell to the US.

I would say that there is a risk there, but it is your money.

As a side note, Mehran at Sorasound is fabulous to deal with.
At almost 50% less than a US dealer I'd do it if I was in the market for this item.
They're all having literally no warranty.
Possible repair bill at Soundsmith would still end up saving the vast amount vs. buying brand new from Sorasound. There are quite a few sellers that operate from HK and having respectful feedback.
As my aunt said, that there's always a brat for every smartars.