ZYX Premium Cartridges

These new premium Airy 3 and 4D cartridges have been out since last fall.

Has anyone bought one and how do they compare to the older current versions?
I guess nobody buys these new Premium cartridges!

ZYX has had a history continual improvements over the years.

SoraSound pushes their own ZYX Universe models, and not these new models.

Anyway, I love the Airy 3 silver and copper coil versions.

As usual arm matching and setup matters. YMMV!
Well, they haven't been out very long yet. Certainly look forward to impressions, because I love my 4D.
Agree with David12 on his assessment that the ZYX's are not the most dynamic cartridges on the market after living with an Airy 3 for years. Even the 4d/Atmos doesn't have the swagger of the Benz's, Lyra's or Ortofon Anna dynamically. I think of these as the thinking mans cartridge versus someone who wants to be swept away by the gestalt music.
Maybe the "magic" starts with the UNIverse, because my indirect experience with that cartridge suggests it is uncannily true to life, mounted in a Talea tonearm. What tonearm(s) did you use, David or Sbrown?
Zyx is for those who haven't heard a properly set up Lyra.