ZYX Premium Cartridges

These new premium Airy 3 and 4D cartridges have been out since last fall.

Has anyone bought one and how do they compare to the older current versions?

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Agree with David12 on his assessment that the ZYX's are not the most dynamic cartridges on the market after living with an Airy 3 for years. Even the 4d/Atmos doesn't have the swagger of the Benz's, Lyra's or Ortofon Anna dynamically. I think of these as the thinking mans cartridge versus someone who wants to be swept away by the gestalt music.
Lew, I use a Graham Phantom and I've heard the Airy 3, Atmos/4D and Universe in both Grahams and Basis Vector arms. I have no doubt that the uni sings in the Talea - a friend has an Anna in that arm that I am enamored with.

Judyasblues - your snarky reply is a testament to your ignorance as there are trade offs with both the ZYX's and the Lyra's. Ones personal preference and system compatibility dictate which set of limitations one is willing to live with.